FedEx Fires James Demarco For Mocking George Floyd’s Death


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A FedEx employee identified as James Demarco was fired by the company after videos surfaced on social media showing him and several other men apparently mocking the death of George Floyd during a protest.

“The behavior depicted in the video, which involved a FedEx employee, is appalling and offensive,” read a statement from FedEx sent to Newsweekon Tuesday. “The employee in question was immediately removed from all FedEx work duties while our investigation is concluded and all internal procedures are followed. A diverse and inclusive workforce is at the heart of our business, and we stand with those who support justice and equality.” FedEx did not name the employee who was suspended in its statement.


Late Tuesday, FedEx informed Newsweek in a statement that the individual in the video had been released from his position with the company.

“FedEx holds its team members to a high standard of personal conduct, and we do not tolerate the kind of appalling and offensive behavior depicted in this video,” the statement read. “The individual involved is no longer employed by FedEx. A diverse and inclusive workforce is at the heart of our business, and we stand with those who support justice and equality.”


Another participant in the reenactment of Floyd’s death captured on the video was suspended from his position as a New Jersey corrections officer. In a Tuesday statement, the New Jersey Department of Corrections called the video “hateful and disappointing.” The individual, who was not named in the statement, is under investigation.

Local lawmakers also spoke out against the individuals who mocked Floyd. In a joint statement, Franklin Township Mayor John Bruno and Police Chief Brian Zimmer decried it as “the revolting actions of certain individuals.”


“Without an understanding and mutual respect for all individuals,” the statement read, “we can never aspire to create a united community based upon the idea of human respect and dignity for all.”

Photos of white people, mainly teenagers, have appeared on social media mocking the death in what some have called the “George Floyd Challenge.” In the pictures, one individual kneels on the neck of another person.

Two students at the University of Maryland, College Park were identified in a Snapchat post participating in the alleged challenge. In a statement from the school, officials said the individuals had been referred to the Office of Student Conduct.


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