“Find a Place in Your Heart to Forgive Me” — Yhemo Lee and Ex-Girlfriend Reconcile?

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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In the wake of a not-so-serious scandal involving nightlife influencer Yhemo Lee and his most recent girlfriend, Bisola (Bibi), the extravagant lover boy has taken to his Snapchat story to offer a heartfelt apology to his former flame, Oyindamola (Thayour B), who was part of his romantic history before Bisola.

Yhemo Lee

Recalling the wide range of speculations surrounding Yhemo Lee’s breakup with Oyindamola, including rumors of infidelity and broken trusts within their respective friendships, the controversial figure has now publicly acknowledged his past mistakes. This revelation comes just a few months after his split with Oyindamola, as Yhemo Lee entered into a new relationship with Bibi, an affair that seemed to be smooth sailing until recent events unfolded.

The breakup with Bisola, reportedly due to allegations of her involvement with married men, has prompted Yhemo Lee to reflect on his past actions. Realizing the public disgrace he inflicted upon Oyindamola, he chose a poignant moment—her birthday—to extend a heartfelt apology via his Snapchat.

Yhemo Lee

In his public apology, Yhemo Lee expressed remorse, saying, “First off, it’s World T day again Nov 28, I know so many sorries might not be enough for the humiliation I made you face earlier this year. I embarrassed you publicly, and it’s just right that I apologize to you as well publicly. You didn’t deserve to be treated as such, I have no explanations whatsoever to justify how I treated you, but this is me telling the world how sorry I am, and I hope you genuinely find a place in your heart to forgive me. I’m so, so sorry.

Yhemo Lee

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