Former Driver Turned Kidnapper Arrested After Botched Operation


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Ihenacho Chizoba, a 25-year-old former professional driver, now in police custody, admits that he entered into the trade of kidnapping out of being unable to make ends meet due to the economic recession in the country.

Chizoba, who comes from Umuaram, Obowo council area of Imo State said that prior to kidnapping he used to make a lot of money as an experienced driver.

However, due to setbacks following the prevailing economic downturn in the country he turned to crime.

He revealed that he had growing family issues as the first son of his mother (father is late), he was introduced into kidnapping in order to make quick money and take care of his family.

Chizoba was paraded at the state police headquarters in Owerri, with a Chibundu Ezeala, from Umuabia, Ehime Mbano, for the murder of a 42-year-old Jude Onye.

“My name is Ihenacho Chizoba and I am from Umuaram Obowo. I am a driver by profession and I was doing well in business before things began to get tough for me. So, my friend introduced me to kidnapping.

“We went there to collect his (victim) phone at the beer parlour at Amainyi, where he was relaxing with his friends. But when he saw us, he began to run and one of us opened fire on him.

“I drove the car we used for the operation. I was in the driver’s seat when I heard gunshots. I do not know who really killed him. After this, my colleagues and I ran away and I went into hiding, but the police arrested me.”

Chibundu Ezeala from the Ihitte Uboma council area also of Imo State, who equally confessed to the crime said, “Jude (the victim) did not do anything to me and I was not the one who killed him.

“We simply went there to collect his phone and also to pick him so that his family will give us money to release him. The guy just came back from Spain and we heard that he came back to the country with some money.”

A relative of the deceased, who simply gave his name as Igwe, expressed shock at the gruesome murder of the young Jude, who he said, recently came back from Spain.

Igwe said, “Jude was 42 years old and he was until his tragic death on Saturday (17th of February, this year), the breadwinner of the family.

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