FRSC Warns Motorists to Stop Travelling at Night

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Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has urged motorists to stop night journeys because 80 per cent of accidents during the yuletide occurred during the night.

Mr. Nseobong Akpabio, Zonal Commander, FRSC, Lagos and Ogun State made this statement when he visited their office in Badagry.

He said “We all know the state of the roads in Nigeria; the government is trying to improve on the roads in the country.

“But for the time being, motorists should stop embarking on night trips.

“Travelling in the night makes it more difficult for the driver of the vehicle to notice bad spots on the road and this usually leads to a lot of mishaps.

“Most of the accidents that were recorded in Lagos and Ogun State during the yuletide happened at night. That is why we are advising motorists to desist from that act.

“We have carried out different enlightenment programmes in order to enlighten the public on the dangers of travelling at night.”

He also announced that from April 1, all commercial vehicles that had not installed speed limit device would be apprehended.

He said “We are starting with commercial vehicles then others would join at a later date. People must try to understand that this device is not just to regulate excess speeding.

“It also helps to minimise fuel consumption in the car and this in turn helps the cars to last longer.

“Most transport companies are already using these devices and they have been reaping the reward form it. So, people should be encouraged to install the device.’’

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