FULL DETAILS: Alex Ekubo only had sex with me after we broke up – Ex-fiancee Fancy Acholonu


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United States-based model, Fancy Acholonu is not done spilling the beans on her past relationship with popular actor, Alex Ekubo.

Recall that Acholonu had previously said that the actor, with whom she broke up in August 2021, did not have sex with her throughout the five years that they dated, adding that this negatively affected her self-esteem.

But Ekubo’s sister shared a viral audio note in which she debunked the claim, insisting that her brother and Acholonu had sex.

She also debunked insinuations of her brother being gay.

However, in a recent interview with blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus, Acholonu stated that she indeed have sex with the actor, but only after they parted ways publicly.

She also alleged that the actor encouraged her to sleep with other men.

On why she broke up with Ekubo, the model said, “I had several reasons why I broke up with him. Alexx is extremely narcissistic. The charming personality he shows to everyone was not who he was to me. Behind those smiles of our happy photos he was always lying, cheating, and gaslighting me.

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“The day after we got engaged, it became worse. He then became more controlling, and verbally abusive. We argued so much and it was close to becoming physical, I was scared of his rage. I told my sister and documented for record sake in case anything happened.

“I can’t begin to give details of everything that went wrong for me to call it off. But one major red flag that made me devastated was that he told me he won’t sleep with me but I should go and sleep with other men. Imagine telling that to your fiancée that has kept herself for you for 5 years. At that moment I realized he didn’t truly love me. It started going down hill from there. Emotional abuse.”

On why she chose a public rather than a private breakup, Acholonu said she did it to set the record straight.

She added that she made the public announcement of her split from the actor on her own after he declined to issue a joint statement with her.

“I didn’t plan to announce I was the one that ended the engagement, I was under a lot of stress. I wish I used different choice of words. It was not my intent to hurt him or spark up controversy.

“I did ask him to make an amicable statement with me but he ignored me. When he doesn’t get his way, he gives me the silent treatment.

“Our wedding plans was so public, he was the one that chose the wedding date and announced it publicly so I felt i had to say something because everyone was buying tickets and preparing for the wedding.

“If Alexx was mature enough to speak to me when things were falling apart instead of focusing on looking perfect on social media, my public statement would have been avoided.

“But I would have still ended things with him, but done it privately,” she stated.

Responding to the voice note by Ekubo’s sister, Acholonu denied lying about her sexless relationship.

“I did not lie. I have nothing to gain by saying Alexx and I were not intimate for the 5 years we were in a relationship. While I was loyal he constantly cheated.

“He met me when I was inexperienced so I didn’t mind being celibate I just didn’t think it’ll take 5 years and that the person that insisted on it would be the one cheating,” Acholonu said.

Addressing the intimacy that Ekubo’s sister claimed, Acholonu said, “We broke up in August 2021 and I blocked him. In January 2022 his aunt contacted me and asked if I could see him before I leave Nigeria. I agreed and unblocked him and he begged to see me for closure, I was hesitant but agreed.

“When we met and Alexx confessed a lot of things to me and apologized for everything. Things got emotional so he attempted to be intimate with me for the first time. I was in shock, because he said his religion and journey had stopped him for these 5 years. But love was still there so we proceeded anyway. Before I could even land back in LA the next day he told me he told all his friends and family we had s#x.

“It seems like the part he left out to them was that it was the first time we tried. It was strange to me how important it was for him to tell everyone around him. He even encouraged me to share with my friends and family. I believe he was proud of himself, but embarrassed at the same time that he never slept with me before. He wouldn’t know how to explain that to his people. The big question for me was, if “religion” is what kept him from doing it in the first place? When everyone is assuming I left because he’s g#y (which I never said) Why is he trying to be intimate now? It was Manipulation. He kept asking me how it was and i had to lie that it was great… I will not go into the embarrassing details of what happened.”

“When I reconnected with his family, I still kept this and more from them to protect him like I always do. But seeing as they’re trying to say I’m lying and defending him, I don’t even blame them because Alexx has been lying to them, he lied to me, and he lies to himself.”

Acholonu explained that she could confidently accused the actor of cheating because she caught him in the act.

“I caught him cheating on me with a curvy foreign women that even offered to pay him money for him to sleep with her. They spent the weekend in a hotel, and she was so angry he couldn’t perform with her so she found out about me on Instagram, and sent me screenshots of their chat exchange in which she called him names and questioned his s#xuality.

“He apologized to me, and said at least he didn’t cheat technically because he was “celibate” with her. I was even disappointed he didn’t sleep with her to be honest. It would have at least validated some things for me. I should have left him then, but instead I forgave him and kept the relationship going because of love and codependency.”

On why she chose to reconcile with Ekubo after all she claimed he put her through, Acholonu blamed it on “trauma bond”.

Trauma bonding occurs when a narcissist repeats a cycle of abuse with another person which fuels a need for validation and love from the person being abused.

Asked why she wanted to return, Acholonu said, “that’s a question many people want to know and I have asked myself that too.

“With therapy and guidance I now realize It was just a trauma bond, with all of the control he had over me, the silencing my voice, and withholding affection, it made me long for the pot of gold at the end of the tunnel with him but at the end of the day it was just a mirage, nothing was real. Everything was fake.

“We had history together and, I wasn’t strong enough to let go, he wanted me back badly too but this whole thing was toxic. I’m very grateful to God that I’m free and I can now be myself again.”

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