George Floyd: Police Officer Regains Freedom From Prison


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Thomas Lane, one of the four police officers charged with the murder of African American, George Floyd has regained his freedom.

Former police officer, Lane was charged for aiding and abetting second degree murder and manslaughter.

He was released from the Hennepin county jail with conditions after posting bail of $750,000.

The other three officers are still in jail with the bail of the main police officer charged with the murder of Floyd, Derek Chauvin set at $1.25 million.

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Counsel to Lane told the court that his client was rookie who had no choice as he was following instructions from senior officers.

He explained that his part in the murder of George Floyd was limited to holding his feet so he wouldn’t kick.

The counsel explained further that his client actually expressed concern for the safety of the African American and appealed to his superiors to roll the man over on his side.

His request was however rejected by Derek Chauvin who knelt on ‘Big Floyd’s’ neck until he died.

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