Google’s Security Princess: Meet the Woman behind Google’s safety

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The internet is fast evolving and nothing ever remains unhackable with the establishment and evolution of social media and the increased possibility of the infiltration of private security.

With daily exposure to the internet, our security settings constant becomes obsolete and need to be constantly updated to keep our personal details from being exposed to the world via the activities of hackers.

Technology giants such as Google are constantly up against threats such as this and have to stay one step ahead of the pack in terms of system and internet security. Google remains the prime prize for any black hat hacker to succeed in hacking and as such are the near constant recipients of hacking attempts on a near constant basis.

So the pertinent question arises, how does google keep them at bay?

The answer lies in a solitary group of 30 system security engineers and their leader; Parisa Tabriz.

Google’s very own security princess and browser boss, Parisa Tabriz

Parisa Tabriz, also known as Google’s ‘security princess’ and ‘Browser Boss’ is Google’s greatest weapon against hacking attempts by black hat hackers.

Tabriz, one of the security engineers in Google, is well known in and out of the hacking world. In 2012, she was named in the ‘Top 30 people under 30 to watch in the tech industry’ list by Forbes and has become one of Google’s prized assets since her entry into the company in 2007.

According to, the University of Illinois graduate manages GoogleChrome’s security engineering team with the goal of making the browser the most secure for internet surfing. Every day, she and her team finds bugs in the widely used browser and fixes them before any other hacker can get to them.

Tabriz shares on her website;

She also told Digital News Asia that while her job description has changed over the course of a decade, she and her team’s mission remains the same: to maintain the safety of the users as well as their data.

Fossbytes reports that Tabriz looks for many qualities within her team; brilliance, curiosity, adaptability and ‘rock solid’ work ethics, just to mention a few of them.

Tabriz earned her title of ‘security princess’ as a substitute for internet security engineer and also uses a similar title of ‘browser boss’ as seen in her LinkedIn profile. When she is not working, she enjoys making gelato, taking photos and climbing.

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