Goya Menor speaks on ‘clash’ with Portable

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Nigerian singer, Goya Menor has reacted to his “clash” with street-pop star, Portable.

Menor said the supposed clash was “like an elephant moving and a dog barking”.

Portable had faulted the ‘Best Street-Hop’ award won by Menor at the Headies. Recall that Portable was disqualified by the award organisers over some actions.

Speaking with TheCable, Menor said he had no axe to grind with Portable.

“I didn’t have a clash with him, I think he had a clash with himself. He was disqualified long before the award, was he expecting to now win after being disqualified?

“He was disqualified based on bad conduct and bad behavior and the award show went on and he was shouting and crying. I think it was just noise-making.

“We didn’t sit down to resolve it because the situation was like an elephant moving and a dog barking. The elephant would see the dog as a noisemaker because it knows that with a single kick, the dog is gone.

I felt it wasn’t part of my problem or worries at the moment, so I ignored it and I moved on.”

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