Group Protest Against Amotekun in Lagos

Tony Abu Momoh
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A pressure group based in Lagos, the Yoruba Appraisal Group protested against the Amotekun security outfit in Lagos state on Thursday.

The group which mobilised a sizeable crowd began their protest from the Women Development Centre in Agege up till the Lagos State Secretariat Complex at Alausa.

The group said they were protesting against the Amotekun security network adopted by South – western states in Nigeria to checkmate the rising insecurity in the region.

According to the group, the Amotekun security network will be used to carry out crime and criminality.

They also alleged that some politicians in the region will capitalise on the security network for political gains.

Speaking to the media during the protest, the spokesperson for the group, Chief Oloketuyi Joshua called South-western Governors ignorant for supporting the outfit.

He claimed that the Governors did not know the real motive behind Amotekun.

He said further that the alarm raised by Justice Minister, Abubakar Malami as well as the head of MURIC, Prof. Ishaq Akintola and Balarabe Musa were valid.

“Amotekun has been hijacked by those who don’t mean well for Yoruba land and the country at large. They plan to hide under the guise of providing security to cause mayhem in the country, ” Oloketuyi fumed.

He said these people want to hijack Amotekun. He said he had names of individuals already using the outfit for their advantage, but he refused to reveal the names.

He added further that the Amotekun security initiative was a good one which nobody in their right sense should oppose. But the signs were already showing that Amotekun will slip out of the control of its creators.

“ Having another rebellion from South West would be one crisis too many for a country still struggling to combat the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East, Banditry and Cattle rustling in the North West and North Central area as well as militancy in the South South.

“The Plans is that once Amotekun gains foothold in the region, the new promoters and their foreign sponsors will now show their real colour, real intention by hounding other ethnic groups in the South West in the name of providing security in the region.

“In the process embark on a sort of ethnic cleansing and ultimately expelling other Nigerians from Yoruba land through force and violence, the backlash of which will be retaliation in the other region” he said.

He concluded by calling on President Buhari to nip the security outfit in the bud before it becomes another security nightmare.

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