5 type of guys to run away from in 2016

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Well, if you are planning to #wastehistime2016 then make sure you do not fall a victim in your own quest. Some girls out there are too desperate to understand that you shouldn’t try to make some things work, don’t bother. No matter what you think about yourself, no matter how desperate you are or for how long you’ve been lonely and single, please do yourself this one big favour and avoid these type of guys i will list out no matter what, you owe this much to yourself.

Guys that see you as a house girl/mommy kind of bae
There is nothing sexy about a man seeing his woman as a maid too, infact, this is nauseating! These men will not only expect you to take care of them but also take out their trash and wash their dirty plates. These are the sort of guys who require you picking after them and don’t really grow out of the kid their mother spoiled. So if you don’t want to behave like a mommy to him for the rest of your life, wish him away like you wish away cancer. P.s; There is a girl out there he behaves like a maid for, yes, I know this…don’t ask me how.

The guy that has your remote
Okay, I will keep saying this–you cannot live your life for another person, when the person leaves you what are you going to be? The guy with the ‘set in my ways’ aura undoubtedly steals away your individuality. He will want everything his way and dating him will not only be a one man show but also very boring as he will either refuse to try anything new or do only the things that interest him. So don’t keep yourself under any illusion that this type of guy will eventually start considering your interests because he will not. He is a control freak!

The AKA gum type of guy
Let me write it in Nigerian English. But you too you know you are wasting your time, come and go and plan that extravagant wedding you have been dreaming about nah. He will explain to you that you do not need to serve ofada rice, infact! Serve only 2 types of food…lol.
Okay, joking apart, these are the type of guys who’ll comment why a restaurant would serve a plate of rice for #1000 or why you would want to buy the original when the replica is equally satisfactory. These guys will start commenting on prices and discounts from early on in the relationship. These very-touchy-about-their-wallet guys usually remain very stingy and prickly throughout the relationship and yes, forever!

Work, work, work, work kind of guy
This type of workaholic hunks are always sharply suited, booted and will never sit still on their butts and have family time. They will look more at their laptops than your face and will always be busy making important official calls which will, of course, be more important than you. If you cant deal with this kind of person, take a walk.

Am too good looking even for you kind of guy
In Justin beiber’s voice ‘If you like the way you look that much oh baby you should go and love yourself’.
This type of chiseled and lovely guys, apparently born to be Mr World or at least that is what they think, are the bad luck people warn you of. They will be narcissistic and vain and will always consider themselves better than you and will act like you should be grateful to them for dating you. A guy so dead sure about his looks definitely knows when girls check him out and by that I mean girls other than his date. You should let go, I know that chiseled body might be hard to leave (weeping) just try (weeping harder).

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