Harrysong Was A Poor Man When We Met Him, We Did These For Him – Kcee

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Harrysongz, Kcee and Skiibii

Nigerian singer, Kcee and his record label, Five Star Music group are yet to forgive Harrysong who left the team to start a new record label and it seems the feud has just gotten a whole lot messier.

Harrysong, on Wednesday took to his social media page to share a court document revealing that Kcee has dragged him to court for violating his fundamental human right. Harrysong through his manage further claimed Kcee’s aim was to use him gain publicity since his career was dead.

Kcee in reply has however claimed he met Harrysong poor and gave him all he’s boasting about today.

Speaking with Saturday beats, Kcee claimed Harrysong is an ingrate as he had no visa on his passport before he came on board Five Star Music.

Kcee said: “When Harrysong was with us, we paid for his video shoots. He never travelled with his money and I am saying that with all confidence. I challenge him to contradict what I am saying.

“When I met Harrysong, he had no visa on his passport. We gave him his visas. He travelled business class even when he had yet to release any song under Five Star. He started travelling business class locally and internationally just to build self-esteem and confidence.

“We did all that because we wanted him to live like a king as a Five Star artiste. He travelled on a five star level. He shot all his videos internationally and I can show you all the invoices. Most of his videos were shot abroad.”

Kcee reacting to the jibe that his career is dead said he finds the description and insult laughable as he had remained relevant in the Nigerian music industry over the last decade. Reminding his detractors that he won the Star Quest with his former group mate, Presh and made it from the breakup between the duo, Kcee added: “Harrysong knows the situation and the condition that he is and I just hope he would be careful. He needs to be careful.

“Harrysong never influenced our sound; instead we polished his sound and we added more groove to it. Harrysong is talented but he needs guidance.

“For me, I have my own weaknesses and he also has his element. I started as a DJ and I know what the people want and I direct his music. If you ask most of our producers, I changed the direction of his song, Better Pikin.

“He sometimes advised in my song; we had a collaborative relationship.. When you work as a team, it does not mean you own everybody; you cannot just write somebody off.

“Can you think back to 2002 when I won Star Quest, it was a talent hunt, we wrote songs to win the contest. Asa was part of it. Nigga Raw, Klint The Drunk, The Natives, and a lot of young talents were there, we went through that and won.

“Asa was crying when she lost and her father was consoling her, I saw her. Nobody gave us a chance during the contest. I won Star Quest and I was signed under Kennis Music where I recorded about three albums with them; who was writing my songs then?

“I recorded hit songs. Now Harrysong is gone and I am due to release my album, who wrote the songs on my album for me? I need some credit.

“Because you bring in one or two inputs does not mean you should look down on anybody, it is wrong. We are all human and I deserve some credit. I have been in this industry for a while.”

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