“He must be a special candidate in the hospital” – Bode George fumes at Agbaje over campaign funds

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Former Deputy National Chairman (South West) of PDP, Chief Olabode George has reacted to claims by the party’s governorship candidate in Lagos, Jimi Agbaje, that he lost the support of party elders because he refused to let them share campaign funds among themselves.

Reacting in an interview with New Telegraph, George described the allegation as “insane”.

He said:

That is absolutely insane, quote me. Which PDP leaders sharing money? Was he here? When he contested in 2015, we ran the elections where we won eight House of Assembly seats, six Federal House of Representatives seats and the margin of defeat at the governorship was nothing embarrassing. Sharing which money? So, it is an idea that he personified the party? I have been leader of this party from day zero, if he has the nerves let him point the names of those who have shared the monies. It is not only an insult; he must be a special candidate in the hospital. The normal practice which Abuja does is that x is going for your election, that election was not his election, it was Atiku’s.

The way they were supposed to handle the funds were already tabulated. Is he the chairman of the party? Did you ever see Atiku go anywhere without the National Chairman, Uche Secondus, and the DG of the campaign? Where he did generate all those people going around with him? So, he had no regard for the party but the party money that the party sent he now became the owner, driver and face of the party. It is an insult for him to say that and he needs to go for check-up. I had managed a national presidential campaign in this country, I have been the deputy national chairman of the party and I had managed the south-west and what we did was to follow the rules of the party and we won five states out of six. If he raised his own money, then we can say it is his own money.

But the money from the party is party’s and will come back. Let him go and find out what happened in Ogun state and Oyo state. In fact, the Governor of Oyo State put more money and sat with the leaders there. You know the effect of what he did, many of the people he purportedly to have given the money disappeared completely. Till today, we haven’t heard from them. If that is his sense of managing a political party, then he needs to go to a primary school to start learning. It is an insult from him to the leaders and elders of this great party. So, what has become of the rubbish he did? He was beaten blue, black and green by APC.

He lost woefully and disgracefully. That was the worst result we have ever had in Lagos. You can see the result, that one had over 700,000, but he could polled over 200,000 and he is still talking. He should go and bury his head in shame.

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