He went from Sosa to Salsa – Baseball hero trolled for Bleaching

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Sammy Sosa is a name quite recognizable in the Baseball world, the Dominican man was most popular when he turned out for the Chicago cubs whom he joined in 1992.

He also played for the Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox and only missed out on being inducted into the hall of fame over a drug test controversy that has yet to be resolved.

While few will argue with his contributions to American Baseball, it was his life choices that left many baffled especially his decision to bleach.

Sammy Sosa is a Black Dominican man, however, he hardly looks that way anymore. In a change that is eerily Michael Jacksonesque, the Baseball legend now looks much, much whiter.

In a recent interview, Sosa claimed that he bleached not in a bid to be lighter, but rather in a bid to be younger, He said; “It’s just a little lotion I put on my face, but it’s not like that—oh my God,”

“I like to put it on because I like to have my skin clean.

“If the people are mad at me [for lightening my skin complexion], I’m sorry. I don’t do it because of [that]. I don’t have that intention. I do it because, hey, look, I want to be 50 but I look 17, and that’s why I do it. It’s as simple as that,”

The comments weren’t so kind as many came for him over his looks claiming that he used to look much better when he was darker.

A commenter, Karen Moore said: The lotion is not working. He looks OLDER and scary..

Another, Geraldine Wildman said: Lotion. Still Lying, how sad when you don’t like your own skin and you think “that” looks better!!!

Diggiediggis Diggs said: SUE THE LOTION COMPANY SAMMY SOSA ,, more money for u ,, IF U ARE NOT A DAMN LIAR

Another commenter compared him to Lil Kim who has also been looking a tad different lately, the commenter trolled Sosa saying that they must be using the same lotion.

Diane Williams said he looks like death: Dang dude looks like death playing hooky from 4/5 graves..

Carolyn Clark said he looked like an experiment gone bad: He looks like an experiment gone bad. He looks dead. He must really hate himself. So sad!

Another commenter said: Sammy just stop we see the difference and it’s not your age.

Robbin Packer said he now looks hideous: He was beautiful, now hideous. Smh

Sosa is married to Sonia Rodríguez and they have 6 children together


Former Baseball star Sammy Sosa shown before (left) the use of skin bleaching cream, and after (right) having used it for years. (AP and Screengrab Photos)


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