Hillsong Church Hit With $20m In Lawsuits For Damages

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Hillsong Church is facing a $20m lawsuit for damages and immoral acts.

The Australia-based institution is currently being sued in Norwalk, Connecticut’s housing court and a state Supreme Court in Australia over allegations of wholly unholy behavior.

The Wall Street Theater Company, which Hillsong’s Connecticut branch rented for its weekly services, is suing the church for over $100,000, alleging unpaid rent, the theft of venue property and “immoral, oppressive and unscrupulous” actions, according to a complaint filed on Jan. 20 by the theater.

On May 11, in light of the pandemic, Hillsong requested to invoke the agreement’s 120-day termination clause and cancel the contract, according to the suit. The theater agreed, but Hillsong never paid the $100,899.25 balance the clause required, the complaint alleged.

To add insult to injury, the theater claims that Hillsong “removed electronic equipment belonging to the” theater on Dec. 18 and has refused to return the property.

“Hillsong just ghosted the theater,” a source with knowledge of the situation claimed to The Post. “When the theater sent them a bill, they responded saying they were a small not-for-profit and couldn’t pay it, and that they didn’t owe it anyways because of the pandemic,” the source claimed.

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