Hollywood Actress Goes Nude For Role In New TV Series, Westworld

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Thandie Newton, one of hollywood’s top actresses, is playing a major role in the controversial TV series, Westworld.


The 43 year old actress stripped nude to depict the role of a robot sex worker. It’s nudity was for a dramatic effect in the TV science drama.

The actress plays the role of Maeve Millay in the drama series, where she woke up in the middle of a surgical operation looking lost and scared.

In the movie, she learns of a secret technique to help her wake from her nightmares, and ends up waking in the real world on the operation table.

Speaking about the role, Thandie said, “Of course I’m an empowered woman. I wanted to do Westworld for my kids, particularly for my girls.”

Thandie expressed her fear about the role when she first read the script but realised that the point was to shock people into awareness.


She said,  “They have created a world which deals with the issues, I’ve struggled with all my adult life-giving exploitation, ignorance, and W culture of complicity and disconnection. It was deeply empowering.”


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