How 5G is changing the world but not as a weapon of mass destruction

Ogochukwu Ogbonna
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In mid-2020, while we were all stuck at home as the pandemic raged outside, conspiracy theorists got a little more vibrant with their predictions and there were a lot of theories on the internet about 5G being the end of free will and the human race as we know it. It turns out that the conspiracies were right about the tremendous power that it possesses but not quite right in ascertaining the focus of that power.

5G is changing the world and revolutionizing our internet experience. It is the fifth generation of wireless data networks, an improved version of 3G and 4G which are now commonly in use. 5G promises up to twenty times faster speed than the 4G LTE technology that came before it. The federal government recently officially handed over Spectrum Allocation for 5G deployment to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). We should be expecting it fully functional in Nigeria soon.

There have also been talks about remote surgery procedures being possible because of the technology as well as tremendous improvements in the area of artificial intelligence. 5G will also improve the way we witness real-time events being broadcast. There are still people in Nigeria who are yet to upgrade their sim cards to 4G since it was introduced years ago. If you are one of such people, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t do the same with 5G.

1. Better Mobile Connections

Most cellular technological improvements often focus on faster cellular networks and data transfer as their main selling points so it is no surprise that the 5G network promises the same. Its high bandwidth, low latency, and dense connections ensure that you can finally say goodbye to frustrating movie downloads and streaming forever!

2. You can work from anywhere

With the remote-work industry booming currently in Nigeria, this is a welcome improvement. With this technology, you might just be able to stop worrying about December trips to the village and their propensity to put you out of work because of poor network.

3. Smart devices will get smarter

If you are among the big boys and girls of Nigeria who use Apple devices, you might be excited to know that your apple watch will be able to do more than it currently is. The technology has been applied to the watch’s fall detection ability. This means that when you fall, the device will automatically dial emergency services unless you cancel it. But this is not particularly good news to Nigerians as we can all attest to the deplorable state of our emergency units in the places where they are not completely absent.

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