How a Cleaner’s Cunning Investment Stunned Reality Star Kiddwaya

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Reality TV star Kiddwaya recently shared a shocking story about an incident involving a domestic staff member at his family’s home, which has garnered significant attention. During an Instagram live session with his supporters, Kiddwaya revealed that he holds immense respect for the employee who had defrauded his wealthy father, Terry Waya, of millions of Naira.


The cleaner, who coincidentally hails from Kiddwaya’s native state of Benue, allegedly managed to pilfer a substantial sum of money from their residence in Abuja. Rather than squandering the ill-gotten funds, the cleaner made a shrewd investment by utilizing the stolen money to construct his own home in Benue. This astute move greatly impressed the reality star, prompting him to discuss the event during his Instagram live session.

Kiddwaya, known for his discerning eye when it comes to hiring staff members, explained that he preferred to employ individuals from his home state. Consequently, it was particularly disheartening to discover that the cleaner, who belonged to the same state as the reality star, had been pilfering money from the household for an entire year, bit by bit, while Kiddwaya’s father was away on business trips.

The stolen funds accumulated to such an extent that the cleaner was able to finance the construction of his own house in Benue. Despite the blatant theft, Kiddwaya expressed a level of admiration for the employee’s investment prowess and resourcefulness. He emphasized that he was not upset by the incident because the cleaner had utilized the money to build a property that would benefit him and his family in the long run.

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