How God Is Good Motors Driver Slapped Female Passenger In Enugu

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A Twitter user, Andie Okon, has narrated how a driver with God is Good Motors (GIGM) slapped a female passenger commuting from Abuja to Abia State.

Okon, who took to Twitter to share how it happened, said that the driver slapped the female passenger for daring to question his decision to pick up more passengers along the way.

According to him, the offending driver’s vehicle with plate number AGB21YV was refuelling in Nsukka, Enugu State when the driver of another bus brought two passengers to join the bus.

Concerned for their safety and security, one of the female passengers requested to know why their driver permitted such.

However, instead of explaining, the driver assaulted the curious customer but the victim’s sister captured the whole incident on phone camera.

Okon said, “My friend was travelling to Abia state in a God is Good Motors Toyota Hiace with plate number AGB21YV from Abuja.

“The driver stopped somewhere around Nsukka (in Enugu) to buy fuel… then this other driver from another bus brings two passengers to join theirs.

“She started asking questions of course, because safety first… ‘Oga why are you adding passenger to our bus?’

“The man became very rude and said he owes her no explanation. Of course she demanded to know why as a paying customer concerned for her safety and security.

“And that’s how she received better slap oh! Thankfully her sister was travelling with her and took a picture. She is not sure of the other bus’ number because the guy took off immediately he saw her sister taking pictures.”

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He added, “How can a paying customer be treated this way?

“Is this the sort of abuse customers should expect when opting to travel with God Is Good Motors?

“One has to wonder the sort of training their staff receives. This is appalling!”

GIGM management could not be reached for comments.

See photos:

GIGM driver that assaulted female passenger
GIGM driver that assaulted female passenger
The GIGM bus



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