How Teddy A Crafted the Perfect Proposal for Bambam Amid Relationship Turmoil

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Big Brother Naija reality TV star, Teddy A, recently opened up about the state of his relationship with his wife, Bambam, and the heartfelt event that led to his wedding proposal. During an appearance on the Honest Bunch podcast with Nedu OAP and others, Teddy shared the details of their journey.

Teddy revealed that he and Bambam had been embroiled in a serious fight that lasted for about two weeks prior to his proposal. The relationship seemed to be on the brink of collapse, leaving Teddy searching for a resolution that would bring closure to their turbulent situation.

Seeking advice, Teddy reached out to his brother to discuss his feelings for Bambam. His brother warned him that if he didn’t act assertively, he risked losing her to someone else. It was evident to everyone that Teddy A was still deeply in love with her.

He mentioned how he planned a surprise marriage proposal for Bambam. In order to keep her in the dark, he instructed Bambam’s manager to inform her about a meeting with the governor of Lagos state and the popular artist Olamide.

BamBam and Teddy A

Unbeknownst to Bambam, Teddy A was secretly working behind the scenes at their home, organizing the most memorable surprise of their lives. As Bambam arrived home, filled with excitement about the opportunity to meet the governor, she was unaware of the magical surprise awaiting her.

To her astonishment, as she stepped into their home, Teddy A knelt down on one knee, holding a gleaming wedding ring.

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