How to make money from agriculture, farming in Nigeria

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One of the most lucrative jobs in the world is work in the Nigeria and the world is farming/agriculture.

Agriculture/farming is not an odd job in Nigeria, especially because of the vast and fertile land.

Nigeria’s land is rich for farming, however the younger generation do not key into this.

Making money the legal way is easy especially when you know what and how to do it. Agriculture is one of the ways to make quick and clean cash.

In our primary and secondary school we were taught about agriculture. The types of soil and plants. We were even given assignments.

I remember planting one of the assignments was to plant beans in a small can or nylon of pure water. Not bad right?

Well, now that we have matured, what did we do with the knowledge? Now is the time to start farming.

Either you are affected by the educational strike, you have a job or you had a dream about farming. The time to start is now.

You do not have to jump all the way into it if you do not have the capital or machines. Start small then grow your business. You can start from your house.

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The food market makes a ton of money and so does the agricultural sector.

Apart from selling these products, you spend less on groceries and eat more healthy meals.

Providing food and livestock in Nigeria is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Goal 2 seeks to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

By investing in the agricultural sector, you provide food security and jobs.

Here are ways to make money in the agricultural sector

agricultural produce


Logistics is probably one of the important factors in the agricultural sector. Provide top notch and safe transportation for the farmers.

Here’s how to make money from this; connect markets and enabling food delivery. You can also improve food transportation by collaborating with farmers and providing a fleet of trucks for company expansion.

Livestock farming/Animal Husbandry

Livestock farming is one of the biggest business in Nigeria. During festive seasons the demand for animals are high and profitable.

You can start on smaller scale; chickens, rabbits or turkey.

Do a proper research on this, attend classes if you need to, speak to experts in the field and make a proper plan.

Yam and cassava farming

Planting yam and cassava is quite easy, it is profitable and in high demand.

You can start on a smaller scale then move on to a large farm.

Cassava flour is also a major export commodity in Nigeria.

Sell agricultural produce

Selling agricultural produce is a lucrative business in Nigeria.

Apart from selling in the local market, you can set up a fresh produce shop. Make sure that you do a proper research to get a right venue.

Farming machinery

Another way you can make money from this business is to sell farming machinery.

Do a research about the machines used, how much they cost and the permit you need to sell the products.

Reach out to experts in the business, carefully check out the equipment, take nice pictures of the machines and post them.


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