Hushpuppi’s lawyer, Gal Pissetzky breaks silence over rumours on dumping Client

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Gal Pissetzky, legal counsel to suspected fraudster Ramon Igbalode popularly known as Hushpuppi has reacted to rumours on dumping his client.

It will be recalled that Pissetzky has always been vocal about Hushpuppi’s innocence claiming his client got money from social media influencing and not from fraud.

Pissetzky has a knack for winning high profile cases relating to fraud.

However, some online users have begun to peddle rumours that Pissetzky has dumped Hushpuppi amid the overwhelming evidence gathered against him by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who extradited him from Dubai few weeks ago.

Speaking with The Punch, Gal Pissetzky has debunked the rumours saying his client stands a chance of getting acquitted from the charges.

He also said he will be moving to California where the case was transferred to ensure his client got the best legal representation.

“I am still representing him. I will be in California for the case.

“Our legal system is quite different from yours. That he was denied bail does not mean his case is getting worse. Actually, I think it’s getting better. I am not, however, allowed to comment on the facts of the case.

“There is no new evidence put forward by the FBI at this point. Whatever news report that suggests things are getting worse for him is not true.”


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