“I agree I’m a mad man, Nigeria’s a mad country” – Wike

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The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike says Nigeria needs someone of his no-nonsense mentality to turn around its dwindling fortunes.

He said he was not afraid of being tagged “mad” because of his unconventional approach to issues, adding that Nigeria is “also mad”.

Wike, who is seeking the 2023 presidential ticket of the PDP, stated this when he met Nasarawa delegates of the party on Thursday.

A video of the meeting was shared on the presidential aspirant’s Facebook page.

“Let’s tell ourselves the simple truth. Nigeria is in trouble.

“I’m not a theorist. Some people say ‘don’t mind Wike. He’s a mad man’. I agree, but Nigeria is a mad country.

“So you need a mad man to take care of a mad country,” Wike said.

He said Nigerians must forget politics of “where you come from” and focus on getting someone that can do the job.

Wike explained that despite President Muhammadu Buhari hailing from Katsina, insecurity got so bad in the state that Governor Aminu Masari had to call residents to pick up arms and defend themselves.

“It’s a question of who can protect Nigerians? Who can look into your eyes and say ‘Enough is enough!’

“I am the one that will do it. I’ve  done it before,” Wike said.

He added, “When you say you want so-so person because he’s from the North. No!

“The President today is from the North. There’s hunger in the North. There’s insecurity in the North. There’s poverty in the South. There’s insecurity in the South.

“So all over Nigeria, nobody is safe.”

He accused the president of appointing service chiefs who are “sleeping”.

“If we cannot solve the problem of insecurity, forget it,” Wike said.



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