“I am better than some of the actresses in Nollywood” — Uriel

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Big Brother Naija alumna and singer, Uriel Oputa, confidently stated in a recent interview on Cool FM that she believes she possesses superior acting skills compared to some contemporary Nollywood actresses.


During the interview, Uriel shared her perspective on the numerous invitations she receives from filmmakers to venture into acting. According to her, she consistently turns down these offers for specific reasons.

A lot of people have approached me to be in movies. I get asked to be in movies all the time; in my DM, email, I get approached to be an actress,” she revealed. Adding, “And I know that I’m a very good actress. I am probably better than some of the actresses in Nollywood right now. And that’s me being real. Apart from having a natural artiste instinct, I studied drama in the UK. So, I know that I’m quite a good actor.

Uriel disclosed that she has declined acting opportunities in Nigeria due to concerns about being typecast into specific roles, the predictability of some scripts, and inadequate compensation from filmmakers.


I’ve been approached by a lot of people to get into acting, but I’ve always turned them down. The reason I turned down gigs for acting in Nigeria is because, one, you’re always going to be stereotyped into a role; two, some of the scripts are a bit too predictable; and three, they don’t pay well,” she explained.

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