The media personality made this known yesterday while trying to clarify her relationship status that her decision to stay single is not because of the scarcity of men, that she has them at her beck and call but because she wants something real and very special.

“First, I am still single, as single as a dollar bill but not as a result of the scarcity of “men”, but by choice. I love me too much to share me with anyone till…. well till I find someone who is worth it,” she tweeted.

 She also tweeted about marriage which for her is a beautiful institution using her parent’s union as an example.


“Second, I am not anti-marriage, I love the institution, the greatest love story I have ever heard of or seen was my folks, they loved and joked about dying together and they were buried side by side. I am a lover girl, just won’t tolerate the BS,”

The TV host and Vlogger who earlier gave the advice its best to move on rather than use success to get back on an ex-partner in reaction to a statement credited to Lady Gaga about her ex after she accepted her Oscar awards.

“I want to fall so deeply in love, make lots and lots and lots of money, travel the world, discover new places and see the world 🌎, have some Bambinos, serve God and glow till eternity ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨⚡️⚡️🔥💥☄️#everythinggoodwillcome #Onbecomingmore #Iambecomingmore,” she wrote.

 She had many of her followers reply to her tweets,  she replied to one of her followers @Esenonie

“If we choose each other first we work on each other, we come to each other full already of our purpose, vision and we can align with each other better. No one is putting pressure on anyone to make them happy, we both look after each other”

Toke Makinwa is famous for her social media posts where she bluntly speaks about her expectations in a relationship.