“I Don’t Need The N120Million” — Angel Blasts Ike

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In a tense turn of events on the evening of Sunday, August 13, 2023, the Big Brother Naija All Stars house witnessed an intense altercation involving two contestants, Angel and Ike. The confrontation took place shortly after the live eviction, plunging the atmosphere within the house into chaos.

Angel Ike

The incident reportedly began when Ike was accused of stealing Angel’s coins and damaging her locker. However, the situation escalated even further when it was alleged that Ike had intentions of taking Angel’s recently acquired chicken, which she had managed to purchase with her remaining resources from the game.

The incident, which occurred while Ike held the title of Head of House (HOH), took an even more concerning turn when it was revealed that he had hidden vital scripts that were crucial for the upcoming task determining their weekly wager. The move was seen by many as an attempt to manipulate the game in his favor, leaving fellow housemates shocked and concerned about the extent of his actions.


Amidst the heated exchange, it was reported that Ike resorted to threatening physical violence against Angel. This behavior prompted criticism from both viewers and fellow housemates, who questioned the appropriateness of his actions as a male participant in the house, emphasizing the importance of fostering an environment of respect and protection for all.

The altercation further escalated when Ike directed a pointed remark at Anhel, insinuating that she had acquired her luxurious possessions through means that were less than respectable. The contentious exchange saw Angel challenging Ike’s professional credibility, highlighting his past as a blogger, and indirectly questioning the source of his material wealth.


Angel, unyielding in her stance, asserted that she did not rely on the reality TV show’s prize money to secure her future, contrasting her situation with Ike’s apparent dependence on such winnings. In response, Ike retorted with a provocative comment, which only fueled the intensity of the situation.

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