“I have over 1000 unreleased songs” — Shallipopi

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Shallipopi, the fast-rising Nigerian singer, has dropped a bombshell by revealing that he possesses “over 1000 unreleased songs” during a recent episode of the Afrobeats Intelligence podcast. The singer opened up about his extensive catalog of unreleased music and shed light on his strategy for testing the public’s reception to different sounds.


In the podcast, Shallipopi explained his decision to incorporate nursery rhymes into his latest single, ‘Oscroh,’ as a deliberate experiment. He expressed curiosity about whether people would embrace this unique fusion, considering the genre’s unconventional blend. The artist, known for his distinct style, shared insights into his creative process and the rationale behind this experimental approach.

Yes now, I said I should test it. Do you know why? I have more than 1000 songs that I have not dropped, then I said if I drop this, would people stream it? What I know is that some people will accept, some people will not accept,” Shallipopi elaborated during the podcast.


Motivated by an experiment to challenge conventional musical norms, the singer strategically included nursery rhymes in ‘Oscroh.’ He revealed that he studied the most-streamed videos globally on platforms like Google and found that nursery rhymes, such as “Baby Shark,” ranked at the top. Despite initial skepticism and complaints from some listeners about the unconventional choice, Shallipopi achieved his primary goal—garnering attention and streams.

A lot of people are complaining, but I already got what I want, the clout is already there, the stream is already there,” he asserted. “You do not have to like my song; there are other artistes. That is why it is not only me that is the only artiste on earth.

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