I Killed former Ondo deputy governor’s daughter for Money Rituals – Boyfriend

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“I would have been stinking rich after seven days if I hadn’t been caught”


The Saga surrounding the murder of Khadijat the daughter of the immediate past deputy governor of Ondo State as the main suspect who also happens to be her boyfriend confessed to killing the young woman for Money ritual purposes.

After having denied direct involvement in the death of the Adekunle Ajasin University undergraduate initially, Alao Adeyemi, the suspect in the killing of the daughter of the deputy governor of Ondo state has confessed to the crime, revealing that he killed Khadijat for ritual purposes.

He had initially said that he only provided a digger for two accomplices which was used to dig the grave where Khadijat was buried in his room.


He said he was supposed to become stinking rich after sleeping with the corpse of the deputy governor’s daughter for 7 days; He was caught on the 6th day by his brother who promptly reported him to the police.

Adeyemi also known as ‘QS’ confessed to dismembering Khadijat’s body in order to bury her in a corner of his room which he succeeded in doing, burying the deceased in a grave dug in his bedroom and sleeping on it for six days before he was caught; the seventh day was supposed to be the final day.


A source said Adeyemi disclosed during interrogation at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that he scrapped the hair of the deceased and also removed her private part which he had taken to his native doctor in Ondo town for money ritual before burying her in the grave.

The suspect had taken the deceased for dinner at a restaurant and a bar afterwards before taking her home and killing her in connivance with two others who are still at large. After the deed had been done, the suspect used perfumes and insecticides in the room to subdue the odour from the decomposing corpse before he was arrested on the sixth day.


A police source said the suspect’s quest to get rich quickly made him kill Khadijat on the advise of a native doctor in Ondo town who reportedly informed him that the money ritual he was requesting for will require some human parts of a very close acquaintance.

Adeyemi an internet fraudster in turn acted on the advice of said native doctor and decided to settle for his girlfriend as a victim for his ritual activities.

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