‘I Regret my actions During the P-Square feud’- Paul Okoye


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Paul Okoye of the defunct music group P-Square, who recently broke up after a huge family feud has revealed that he regrets his actions.

In a recent interview, the musician apologised for his behaviour. He berated himself for shading his brother on social media during the crisis and said he didn’t think things through and was acting under a negative influence which he can’t explain.

He added that they have both parted ways but he will still go on to performs songs done by the duo despite their breakup.

He said, “I think I was very stupid, in that aspect. Something got into me. I couldn’t stand him. But what I did, I regretted it. Please forgive me for that and let me move on.”

‘Trust me, I don’t know. I don’t want to say anything about that issue now. Everyone has issues with their family members but when did they bring it to social media? Of what good is it. That is me, I can’t’

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