I Rejected Barcelona For Liverpool- Naby Keita

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Liverpool’s new signing, Naby Keita, has revealed that he turned down potential moves to Barcelona and Bayern Munich in favour of a move to Liverpool.

The 23-year-old was signed last season by the Reds for £48 million ($64m) from RB Leipzig and is was Liverpool’s first signing.

He will be linking up with Fabinho who was signed from Monaco and the Liverpool midfield is set to look quite different from the set-up that was there last season.

Speaking to the Guardian about the rumours, Naby Keita confirmed them, stating that he preferred Liverpool.

“It’s true to say that there were other teams involved like the ones you mentioned, (Barcelona, Bayern Munich)

“But a big part of my decision was the role of the coach.

“We had good conversations. The words he spoke to me about this project really convinced me. I could see how the club was developing and I spoke at length with Sadio [Mane].

“Sadio is like a brother to me. We had nine months together at Salzburg and built up a good rapport. We have been great friends since that time. He told me what a great club this was and how the team was progressing and had great potential.”

Naby Keita has come into a physical league and has stated that he is unfazed by the rough treatment he could be in to receive in England.

“I don’t think the physical aspect is going to have a negative impact on me at all,” he told the Telegraph .

“I have watched a lot of English football and through the process of the friendly games leading up to the new season, I’ll adjust to it. I like winning the ball back. It’s something I love.

“I am someone who has this real winning mentality. I have a huge desire to win. That is why I am aggressive in a positive sense on the field.

“My first mind-set when I am out on the field is to defend well and not concede. As a midfielder, when you have sealed things up at the back, my job is to provide the ammunition for the strikers and forwards, to create opportunities for them.

“Also, if I get a chance that come(s) my way, I want to take it and score. But I am a team player. I think about the team and the group first always.”

Naby Keita has so far been part of Liverpool’s preseason and with a full summer’s rest behind him, is ready to take the Premier League by storm.

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