“I saw love chats with policeman on my wife’s WhatsApp” – Husband tells court

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A 44-year-old surveyor, Mr. Sheriff Ahmed, on Monday in Lagos secured divorce from his wife who he accused of having an extramarital affair with a policeman.

Sheriff had petitioned an Igando Customary Court, seeking dissolution of his marriage to Rashidat, 33, over alleged promiscuity.

In his submissions to the court, he said: “My wife is promiscuous, she is having affair with a policeman.

“I checked her phone and saw love chats and other immoral talks with the policeman on WhatsApp.

“We fought over it and I wanted to send her packing but due to interventions from friends and relatives, I forgave her.”

Sheriff also alleged that Rashidat, a businesswoman, dressed indecently.

“She wears clothes that are not fit for a married woman.

“I have begged her to change her style of dressing but she refused,” he told the court.

According to the plaintiff, Rashidat also moves around with women of questionable character.

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The plaintiff further accused Rashidat of being fetish, adding that he saw a charm inside her bag.

“I found a charm in her bag; when I read what was written on it, I discovered that it was a command charm to extort money from men.”

He told the court that his wife had packed out of her matrimonial home for reasons he did not know.

The plaintiff added that his wife constantly threatened to harass him with either the police or thugs.

He urged the court to end the marriage, saying that he no longer loved her.

Responding, Rashidat consented to the dissolution of the marriage.

She told the court that she was tired of battering by Sheriff.

“He turns me into a punching bag and rapes me after beating me.

“I have lost two pregnancies due to his beatings; he once beat me and blinded my left eye.

“I underwent a surgery but can’t still see clearly with the eye.

“On several occasions, he beat me to a state of coma, and I was rushed to a hospital.

“That was the reason I packed out of his house; I might not be lucky next time.”

The mother of two said that her husband always found fault with her dressing.

“Whenever I dress, my husband always complains.

“Does he want me to be tying wrapper just because I am married? It will not work; I am a young lady and I must dress cute,” she said.

She denied having an affair with any policeman, claiming that Sheriff was just being jealous.

The court’s President, Mr. Adeniyi Koledoye, dissolved the marriage.

He said it was proper for both parties to go their separate ways since they were tired of living together as husband and wife.

Koledoye held that the court’s decision was in the best interest of the parties as all efforts to reconcile them failed.

“Since both parties consented to the dissolution of the marriage, this court has no choice than to dissolve the marriage.

“The court hereby pronounces the marriage between Mr. Sheriff Ahmed and Mrs. Rashidat Ahmed dissolved today.

“Both of you henceforth cease to be husband and wife.

“Each of you should go on his or her separate ways unmolested; the court wishes both of you well in your future endeavours,” he said.

Koledoye gave the custody of the children to Rashidat and ordered the plaintiff to pay N10, 000 monthly for their feeding.

He held that Sheriff would be responsible for the children’s education and general welfare. (NAN)

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