“I saw N1m, I could not sleep” — Timi Dakolo

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In a remarkable revelation, renowned Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo has shared an extraordinary tale of how he received his first million naira as an unexpected gift from a generous fan.

Timi Dakolo

The singer recounted this surprising turn of events during an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo. Dakolo disclosed that the astounding act of generosity came at a time when he had never seen more than ten thousand naira in his possession. He vividly expressed how he couldn’t sleep that night, astonished by the sudden influx of money.

The benefactor, a “good Samaritan,” had witnessed Dakolo’s talent on television during his participation in the inaugural Idols West Africa competition back in 2007. The individual, impressed by Dakolo’s performance, decided to gift him a substantial sum of one million naira in cash.

Timi Dakolo

In awe of the unexpected windfall, Dakolo reminisced, “There was somebody that gave me N1m from nowhere. I saw N1m, I could not sleep. I was looking at the money. I said, ‘This money will change.’ I was speaking English that day. Me that used to disturb the whole place, I was quiet. I caught myself speaking good English.

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