“I think a man was raised to be a provider“ — Shaffy Bello

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Popular Nollywood actress, Shaffy Bello, has boldly declared that she would not date a man who restricts her from pursuing her career. The actress, known for her remarkable performances, shared her perspective on the “Me, Her and Everything Else” podcast with Stephanie Coker.

Shaffy Bello

During the podcast, Bello emphasized the importance of a woman having her own financial independence, even if the societal norm suggests men should be the primary providers in a household. She argued that being able to support her husband financially is essential, and she would not allow herself to be confined to a role where she stays at home, even if she married a billionaire.

I think a man was raised to be a provider. To be the king, usually people go to the king for direction. So as a woman, I want to have my own so that I can be of help when you need me. I can’t date a man who says stop working. But to be honest with you, even if you are a billionaire and you put me in a hole, I still have to do something. Because the reason you fell in love with me is because of who I am now. So I am not going to demote myself because of that,” Bello asserted.

The actress, who got married to her estranged husband, Akinrimisi, in 1995, opened up about her views on marriage and financial independence. Their union faced challenges, leading to their separation in 2020. In February, Shaffy Bello expressed her desire for companionship but clarified that she was not interested in getting married.

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