‘I Wanted To Kill Eminem’ – Home Invader Reveals To Court

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The man accused of breaking into Eminem’s home said he was there to “kill him” when the rapper confronted him in his living room.

A courtroom reporter revealed on Wednesday that the rap God told a responding officer that 26-year-old Matthew Hughes made it clear he was there to kill him.

“Eminem said Matthew Hughes told him he was there to kill him,” journalist Nick Perreault tweeted. Perreault went on to confirm that Eminem was not present during the hearing and that Hughes is being held on a $50,000 cash bond.

“Eminem was not in court today. Bond remains $50,000 cash surety for Mr. Hughes. Investigation showed a window was broken, Mathers security team responded. At first Mathers thought Hughes was his nephew, but it was dark & Mathers soon realized he did not know the man in his home.” He added

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Back in April, Hughes broke into Eminem’s home in Clinton Township, Michigan. Eminem initially believed the man standing behind him was his nephew but then realized it was a stranger.

“When Mr. Mathers asked him why he was there, he was told by Mr. Hughes that he was there to kill him,” Clinton Township cop Adam Hamstock testified, the outlet reported.

Eventually the rapper’s security was able to apprehend Hughes.

The rapper didn’t appear in court, where the judge ruled that there was sufficient cause to move forward with the trial.

Hughes faces charges for first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of property.

An arraignment has been set for Sept. 28 in Macomb County Circuit Court.


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