“I was a few punches from committing murder” – Man seduced by gay man speaks

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A straight man who was seduced by a gay fellow has come online to recount the experience.

He took to his Twitter handle @Wizarab10 to share the experience on Wednesday.

The straight man said he was so angry that he considered punching his admirer.

He wrote, “Went out last night and returned 4am only to meet one young guy staring at me before I walked in.

“I was on call and chose to finish the call first. Dude pulled his trouser to flaunt his bum at me.

“I thought he was mad but when he did again and indicated I come and f*ck him at a closet because everywhere is bright at 4am due to longer days although everywhere is void of humans, I knew I was a few punches from committing murder if I didn’t go upstairs.

“I hope thunder does the job for me.

“I have not seen the bum that would make me turn gay.”

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