“I was advised to break whatever it is I have going on with Angel” — Soma

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Soma has disclosed how fellow housemates, including Cross, influenced his decision to end his romantic involvement with Angel Smith, a fellow housemate and love interest during their time in the All Stars edition.


Soma opened up about this during a recent interview with Glitch Africa Studios, where he shed light on the dynamics within the house. According to Soma, Angel’s personality sparked discussions among the housemates, prompting some to advise him to reconsider his relationship with her.

He asserted that due to Angel’s distinct personality, several of his colleagues felt compelled to share their opinions and advise him to be cautious. However, Soma made it clear that he staunchly defended his choices and stood by his bond with Angel.


Notably, among those who offered their advice was Cross, another housemate from the All Stars season. Soma emphasized that despite these suggestions, he maintained his own stance and made decisions based on his understanding of the situation and his relationship with Angel.


In response to the comments made by her fellow housemates, Angel expressed her bewilderment at how people could speak about her as if they knew her intimately when, in reality, they only had a surface-level understanding of her true self.


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