“I was bullied as a child” — Kizz Daniel explains

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Renowned Nigerian singer, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, professionally known as Kizz Daniel, has candidly shared his past traumatic experiences as a child and the lasting impact it had on his social life. The artist revealed that during his younger years, he faced weight-related challenges, enduring teasing and harassment from peers that forced him to retreat into isolation.

Kizz Daniel

In a recent conversation on the Afrobeats Podcast hosted by British-Nigerian media personality Adesope Olajide, Kizz Daniel disclosed the emotional toll this period had on him, acknowledging that he still grapples with social anxiety due to the distressing incidents he encountered.

The “Buga” crooner further elaborated on his coping mechanism, revealing that he occasionally turns to alcohol to help navigate social situations that trigger his anxiety. He explained that his childhood struggles had led him to construct a sanctuary within his mind, which provided comfort and a sense of security during challenging times.

I have built a world of my own in my head since I was little. Because growing up, I was a fat kid. I was chubby. So, I don’t go out because the kids in the area make fun of me. They called me orobo (someone who is fat). And they bullied me. So I always stay indoors,” Kizz Daniel shared.

Kizz Daniel

Having endured the ridicule during his formative years, the musician withdrew from social interactions, ultimately losing touch with essential social skills. Despite his success and the transformation he underwent, Kizz Daniel acknowledged that the scars from his past continue to affect his ability to engage with others.

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