“I was out of finance and I sold my properties” — Femi Adebayo

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Renowned Yoruba actor Femi Adebayo has unveiled the remarkable effort and personal sacrifices that went into the creation of his latest film, “Jagun Jagun.” In a revealing interview, Adebayo shared how he invested his own resources, including selling properties, to finance the ambitious film project. The actor’s dedication to maintaining creative control and avoiding external funding reflects his commitment to his craft and the message he aims to convey through his work.

Femi Adebayo

Adebayo acknowledged that “Jagun Jagun” stands as a multi-billion-naira venture, showcasing his determination to create a cinematic experience that resonates with audiences. While the exact amount invested remains undisclosed, the actor emphasized that the project represents a significant financial commitment on his part.

The actor’s decision to fund the project himself was born out of a desire to maintain artistic integrity and independence. Adebayo’s willingness to utilize his own resources underscores his belief in the project’s potential success. He admitted to selling properties to finance the film, a testament to his dedication to bringing his vision to life without relying on loans from businesses or individuals.

Reflecting on his aspirations, Adebayo acknowledged that his greatest challenge is surpassing the success of “Jagun Jagun” with his future endeavors. He candidly expressed how his initial optimism after completing “King of Thieves” had given way to the reality of the industry’s unpredictability. Despite the challenges, Adebayo’s determination remains unshaken as he continues to strive for excellence.

Femi Adebayo


The actor also shed light on the intricate process of building the warrior school set for the film. He recounted the challenges faced in acquiring the land for the set and navigating negotiations with the landowners. Adebayo’s commitment to authenticity and cultural relevance led to the creation of a captivating visual world that complements the narrative.

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