I will not quit PDP unless I am expelled- Babangida

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Niger State Governor, Babangida Aliyu has said that unless the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) expels him, he is not about quitting the party.

This was his reaction when the journalists interviewed him after he had a closed-door meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa in Abuja where he was asked whether he is quitting the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Aliyu said: “I’m not a quitter. God took me to PDP. My prayer was to be a head of service and God said I should be governor on the platform of PDP and I am not about quitting now unless I am expelled. I am not jumping from one party to another.”

He also reiterated that he has no problems with President Goodluck Jonathan.

On his visit to the president, he noted that a Governor can consult with the President anytime on various matters pertinent to the economic development of his state.

“I am here today to see Mr. President and remind him of some of the things we have been discussing. The roads in Niger, my airport, which has been for some time dormant and some issues are coming from the Ministry of Aviation and I know that he will help us.”

“This is part of the consultation. I have come to clear one or two things about infrastructure, airport in Niger State, roads. Let’s get something very clear, in politics you may disagree with a particular policy, you may disagree with the process, but you cannot be said to disagree with the President because you did not put him there. Nigerians put him there and God put him there”, he added.

On the reports about his alleged sour relationship with the president, the servant governor said; “They want to set people against each other. Even in your house as a father, sometimes your child may disagree with the way and manner to do certain things, but that doesn’t mean he is not your son. I think that is the misnomer many people have been giving out.

“We have many issues on ground, and unless they are discussed, there is no way you can solve them. I don’t think it is against the President. Some issues came up and they have been discussed. You remember our problems in the Governors’ Forum. We are discussing how to resolve them.”

He further stated: “We want to insulate Mr. President from it because any issue that happens now, they will say the President is involved. Even the election that took place in the Youth Council in Niger, many people wanted to bring politics into it. I have heard people saying it should not be held in Niger because the Governor is against the President. I think that is a misnomer.

He also denied a report accusing him of joining other governors to form a new party when he precisely stated thus: “I read it too. Sometimes if we deny or say yes, we are giving credibility to it. I saw it as you did.”

He noted that the issue of the suspension of Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi from the party has lasped since it was supposed to have been brought to the NEC after 30 days.

“If I understand our constitution right, it says you can be suspended for 30 days after which NEC will have to rectify it. Now 30 days have passed and the issue has not been brought to NEC”, he noted.

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