Ice Prince Comes For Married Man Who Claims He is Dating His Girl


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The Ice Prince, Maima and Akin love triangle drama is the latest in a long line of entertainment scandals that is rocking the social scene this early 2016.

Truly this must be the endtime as one Nairaland commentator put it. No chill anywhere and in this particular scenario, it seems Ice has got the chillls and he wants everyone to feel him so he is going to write a song about it.

But where did it all begin? Well if Ice’s tweets are the clue, then it all started when some Abuja big boy named Akin (see why they call us demons) wanted to claim Panshak Zamani’s gorgeous girlfriend Maima. The big boy  is already married with children so this is like a polygamy deal here which in contemporary African culture is frowned upon by seemingly even the Ooni of Ife. But that is a story for another day.

In the interim, Akin wanted the gorgeous Maima so bad, he took her on trips to romantic cities across the world, Dubai, London and Paris. According to the tale, he also bought her a car and other accessories a sugar daddy would lavish on his love interest. Evidence he leaked on his social meda page indicated he was probably cuddled up with her on a skiibii. But hey that’s Ice’s girl and he loves her and wants you to know she ain’t no lady of easy virtue or as he eloquently put it “she not a hoe”.

Besides Ice Prince thinks its petty for a married man to be putting up photos of his side boo on Instagram just to mark her as his territory.

See tweets below:





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