“If Your Friends Don’t Support You, Don’t Go Out of Your Way for Them – Erica Nlewedim

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Nollywood actress and public figure, Erica Nlewedim, has once again given her fans and followers valuable advice, this time on the topic of friendship. Erica pointed out that people tend to support things that they find valuable or entertaining, as she cited the example of Hilda Baci’s 100-hour cooking marathon.

Erica Nlewedim

According to Erica, people who attended the cooking marathon did so because they found it entertaining and valuable. However, she also observed that some of these same people do not show the same level of support for their friends. Erica referenced the popular saying that “a prophet is not recognized in his home” to emphasize this point.

Erica’s advice to her fans is that if a friend does not support them, they should not get angry or upset. Instead, they should focus their energy and resources on investing in themselves and creating value for others. Erica concluded her message by stating, “If your friends don’t support you, don’t vex for them just dont go out of your way for them too.

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