Igbo Men Are Too Violent, Crude And Domineering – Actress Lashes Out

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Nollywood actress, Queeneth Agbor, who courageously took the bull by the horns by relocating from Calabar to Lagos in pursuit of professional excellence has opened up on her opinion about Igbo men.

The actress , while noting she doesn’t have anything against Igbos, said she thinks they are crude, domineering and have a tendency to get abusive and violent.

In a recent interview, the fast rising actress opened up on what informed her opinion. Read excerpt below:

You once said you will never date an Igbo guy again because your ex-boyfriend slapped you when he saw you kissing on set and he was Igbo. Kindly shed more light on this. 

I have nothing against Igbo guys. Not dating an Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba guy is a personal decision. I have gotten a lot of threats since the statement was made, so I wouldn’t want to talk about it. After I said this, a lot of people asked me what is with Igbo guys that I hate?

The truth is, Igbo guys are domineering, and they have the tendency to be violent. They have this crude mentality of women being totally submissive to a man, the slave-like submission and I hate it.

If you have the opportunity to choose a tribe to marry, which tribe would it be?

When I start thinking of marriage I will give that a consideration. I have as well heard things about Yoruba guys that they are philanderers. At the appointed time, that is, when God says it is time, I will choose, but for now, I can’t say.

On a second thought, I think I want to transfer my gene elsewhere. Mind you, I have dated a Fulani guy before (laughs).

What would you do if after marriage you discover you husband is not good in bed?

I’ll cut corners. Even God will understand but I will still love him. It’s not like I’m mean, it’s just understandable that sex is important in marriage.

What is your take on sex before marriage?

The truth is The Bible forbids it, but I need to know what’s in the package before I get into it. Not to discover after marriage that the package is not good. That’s why some girls cheat.

Imagine on the first night together after marriage and you are on the bed waiting for the action but he knows practically nothing, you then find yourself saying “Jesus! How did I get myself into this?”

Two months later you are looking for the next available option, a hawk to catch as an escape route. If you had tasted the package you won’t fall such a victim. That is why I feel you have to taste it even if it’s once (laughs), Just a taste at least. I can’t cheat when in love though.

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