Immigration queries sexy female officers for #BopDaddyChallenge

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Image Credit: Sahara Reporters

Some female officers of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) may have got themselves into trouble by partaking in the viral #BopDaddyChallenge.

The five ladies had appeared in the video challenge which involves appearing in two shots with different attires while Falz’s new hot single, Bop Daddy plays in the background. All the ladies first appeared in their official uniforms and removed their berets before transforming into new evening dresses.

But a statement signed by Iam Haliru, Assistant Comptroller General of the NIS, said that the ladies’ action brought a “lot of embarrassment” to the service.

“The attention of the Comptroller General has been drawn to a video clip trending on the social media in recent times which revealed a rather disturbing and embarrassing display of indecent flaunting of your bodies, desecration of service uniform/beret and the use of inappropriate language, thereby sabotaging the values upheld by the service.

“To state the obvious, your act has caused a lot of embarrassment to the NIS and in line with our standard as a paramilitary organisation, is considered scandalous and an act unbecoming of an officer and therefore a violation of PSR 030401 and 030402. This is a serious misconduct liable to dismissal from service.

“In view of the foregoing, therefore, you are requested to make a representation, if any, within 72 hours on receipt of this letter why disciplinary action should not be taken against you,” the statement read in part.

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