‘Immunity is not forever. You will be prosecuted’ – Presidency threatens Amaechi


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The special adviser to the President on Political Matters, Ahmed Gulak has continued to join issues with Rivers Governor, Rotimi Amaechi. In Gulak’s latest statement, he advised law enforcement agencies to investigate Amaechi and prosecute him after his tenure must have expired.

Also addressing the petition written by Amaechi to the Presidency and National Assembly leaders, David Mark and Aminu Tambuwal, in which the embattled governor called for the redeployment of police commissioner, Joseph Mbu from the state, Gulak said he wondered why that would be a priority when one of the Rivers legislators was being flown abroad to seek medical treatment.

Gulak said, , “It is true that as a sitting governor, he enjoys immunity but immunity cannot be forever.

“Security agencies should investigate the matter (fracas) thoroughly and keep the file because I still find it amazing and tragic for the governor to go into the House of Assembly to play  active role in the fracas. It amazes me.

“But one thing is sure,  the President will read through his (Amaechi’s) petition. He will study it and look at its merits and demerits. It is after that that the President will direct relevant authorities appropriately on the matter.

“The governor had a game plan from the beginning. He wants the commissioner of police redeployed. He is not talking about a member of the House of Assembly who is the Majority Leader and his (Amaechi) security details beat to a coma.

“The lawmaker has been in a coma since that incident on Tuesday and will be flown abroad for treatment. The governor is not talking about that one, his major preoccupation is the redeployment of the police commissioner.”

Speaking in defense of the Governor’s actions on the pinnacle day of crises, Chief of Staff, Rivers State Government House, Port Harcourt, Mr. Tony Okocha said the governors timely intervention prevented the fracas from getting out of hand and his actions should be commended rather than condemned.

Okocha said, “It is most unreasonable to contemplate. Rather conversely, Amaechi ought to be commended for his brave intervention and rescue mission even at the risk of his life. Gulak should be suggesting an inquiry into how armed thugs got into the Assembly and at whose behest,” he said in an SMS message to journalists.

“He (Gulak) should be able to absolve the Presidency from complicity knowing the relationship between   Bipi  and the Presidency. Nigerians are better aware than he thinks,” Okocha added.

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