“In my year one, I sold bedbug killer” — Comedian, Brain Jotter

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Viral sensation and comedian, Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie, popularly known as Brain Jotter, has shared an intriguing aspect of his past in a recent interview with Hip TV. The acclaimed skit maker revealed that he used to sell bedbug killer during his time in school.

Brain Jotter

The revelation came to light as a throwback video showcasing Brain Jotter participating in a stand-up comedy competition was played during the interview. Reflecting on the clip, he mentioned that he took part in the competition in 2019.

Sharing details about his journey, Brain Jotter disclosed that in 2020, he worked at a laundry service, earning a meager salary of 15,000 naira per month. However, his income saw a significant boost in 2021 when it was increased to 30,000 naira. Despite the increase, he found the financial situation challenging, especially as he had just gained admission to the University of Lagos.

Brain Jotter

The comedian explained that while studying at UNILAG, he explored various ventures to sustain himself. One notable sideline included selling bedbug killer, a venture he engaged in during his first year at the university.

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