Instablog 9ja forced to Apologize to Khloe After Offensive HIV Caption

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Nigerian Instagram blogging platform, Instablog 9ja, has been compelled to apologize to Big Brother Nigeria’s Khloe after they put up a post with a caption that suggested that the Big Brother contestant was suffering from HIV.

This came about when Khloe sarcastically responded to a commenter saying that she indeed had HIV which was of course not true, but Instablog went ahead and put up a caption that read “Sad! Ex-BBN contestant, Khloe, reveals she’s suffering from HIV”

Their comments section was filled to the brim with irate fans who were quite disappointed with the reporting and chided the blog for their actions.

Khloe herself came forward with a very angry post in which she said Instablog should stop with the cyber-bullying and stop writing about it.

With the huge amount of backlash received, the Instagram account had to apologize in another post.

They wrote:

We are writing you this letter to let you know that we have absolutely nothing against you and our hearts are pure towards you and every other person we post about.

We apologise if you felt offended by our caption. Kindly permit us to give an explanation as to why it came that way, so that we can at least put this behind us. A follower asked about your HIV status and your answer was “yes.”.

We are in no way trying to bully you, it’s not in our modus operandi and we sincerely apologise if we have made you feel as if we are targeting you.

Your affirmative response to the follower’s question was why we used the caption and it wasn’t intended to spite you in any way.

However, we are not too big to say sorry for inadvertently offending you. It wasn’t our intention at all.

Please do accept our unequivocal apology.


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