Jason Derulo punches man who called him Usher


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American singer, Jason Derulo has fought two men, one of whom he punched in the face, for calling him Usher.

The incident occurred at the ARIA hotel in Las Vegas in the early hours of Tuesday, TMZ reported.

Fans at the scene told TMZ that Jason and one of the guys were passing by each other near the escalator when the man apparently tried to be funny.

They said he appeared to be trying to troll the artist by calling him by the name of another popular singer, Usher.

“Hey, Usher,” the guy yelled at Jason. “F**k you, b**ch!”

Not letting the comment and cursing slide, the performer ran over and allegedly hit the guy in the face.

In video captured, Jason rode on the escalator as fans could be heard asking, “Why did you slap him?”

After Jason came back down the escalator, guests continued to ask him the same question, before one loudly yelled out the Usher comment and expletives.

The singer cut away from his entourage and ran over to the comment-maker and appeared to punch him until he fell to the floor.

Security tried to hold him back, but he seemed to free himself again and come for the guy and his friend again.

The Whatcha Say singer was not taken into custody after the brawl.

But security had him removed from the hotel and issued him a trespassing notice.

Derulo had a rough end to 2021, splitting with his girlfriend and babymama, Jena Frume.

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