Jason Njoku Criticizes Current Administration’s Supporters for Endorsing Ongoing Hardships

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Nigerian filmmaker and CEO of iRokoTV, Jason Njoku, has expressed his dismay at those defending the government’s policies and actions. Njoku took to the microblogging platform X to voice his concerns, stating that even after one hundred days of what he called “renewed shege” (a Nigerian slang term for trouble or chaos), some individuals continue to support what he describes as “Old Testament levels of suffering.”

Jason Njoku

Njoku’s remarks come on the heels of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s celebration of his 100 days in office on Wednesday, September 6. The filmmaker referenced a tweet from 2022, in which he expressed his astonishment at people in Nigeria who appeared content with the accomplishments of the All Progressives Congress (APC) over the past eight years, despite what he viewed as the “absolute destruction of the strongest black country on planet earth.” He went on to caution against such individuals, saying, “Fear those people. Fear them.

Continuing with his critique, Jason Njoku pointed out, “Even after 100 days of renewed challenges, people are steadfastly endorsing levels of hardship reminiscent of ancient times.” He questioned whether the current situation, marked by significant economic and social difficulties, is indeed indicative of success and added, “If this is what success looks like, congratulations, you have truly persevered.” Njoku’s statement was punctuated with clapping emojis to emphasize his sarcasm and frustration.

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