Jason Njoku Reveals Why He Doesn’t Want His Children To Be Entrepreneurs

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Iroko TV boss, Jason Njoku has revealed the real reason why he isn’t so enthusiastic about his children becoming entrepreneurs.

According to Jason Njoku, being an entrepreneur is very hard. He noted that although being an entrepreneur brings about wealth, it can also lead to unhappiness.

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Jason Njoku tweeted: “I want my kids to be happy. So definitely not encouraging this entrepreneurship path. Its super hard. It may make you rich (very unlikely) but it will more likely than not cause unhappiness. The deep kind. The kind that just grinds everything to dust. I think I need a 15km run.”

Meanwhile, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has re-arrested Instagram celebrity Mompha on fresh charges of internet fraud.

According to reports which was confirmed by lawyer, Mompha was arrested shortly after retrieving his personal properties which included, five wristwatches, One iPhone 8, a pair of sunglasses and one Apple airpod from the premises of the commission.

The items had been seized when he was arrested for the first time on money laundering charges. The court had ordered that the items be returned to him upon arraignment.

Mompha was blocked by EFCC operatives and forcefully brought back into the compound as soon as he left with his property on Friday.

His Lawyer, Mr. Gboyega Oyewole (SAN) who spoke to the press said he was going to challenge the arrest in court on today.

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