Jay-Z Shouts Out The Efficacy Of Benin Jazz in Album 4:44


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While Jay-Z’s album has been the talk of the entertainment world ever since its release about a week ago. Certain elements of the album have garnered attention.

One of the tracks, We Family which featured Jigga and Beyonce’s elder daughter Blue Ivy played a major role in this sudden scrutiny as it could be said that the daughter of both rapper and singer parents may have some talent that needs honing.

However, on a subtler note, is the fact that Jay-Z references Benin, Lagos, Fela and drops in a mysterious ‘Dapo’ in there.

See the lyrics:
‘I got bloodlines in Benin, that explains the voodoo’
Already ahead of your end, in the foreign bumping Fela, feel me?
Lagos, all the barrios ’round me, feel me?
Colombian ties, shout out to Dapo!

While there hasn’t been too much clarity to that verse’s interpretation, one thing is certain, he gives a shout out to Nigerian heritage in the name of Fela, the legendary afro beat musician.

This comes at a time when the hiphop power couple’s love for Africa and Yoruba culture has become more evident (the African-themed baby shower and Beyonce’s Lemonade album being regarded by many as a tribute to the Yoruba goddess Osun.)

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