APC, PDP like Siamese twins with bad antecedents in the last 20 years – Jega tells Nigerians

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Former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Attahiru Jega has warned Nigerians not to vote for either APC or PDP going forward.

Jega, who was the INEC boss when the APC won the 2015 presidential election, described the two parties as “Siamese twins” with “bad antecedents in the last 20 years”.

The university don spoke with BBC Hausa on Monday in Kaduna State.

“Nigerians should dump the two parties because of their bad antecedents over the last 20 years.

“Looking at their inability to change the economic fortunes of Nigeria for 20 years now, it is now apparently clear that they would not do anything even if Nigerians vote for any of the two parties again,” he said.

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Jega added that neither party deserves the trust of Nigerians having failed repeatedly at governance.

“The bad things these parties committed in those past years, Nigerians should never give their trust to the parties again.

“It is now very clear that these parties would never change, even if they are given another chance.

“The APC and PDP have formed governments, we were all witnesses. They did not come with a good intention to make amends. If you look at the fight against corruption, all these corrupt people that were supposed to be prosecuted sneaked into the APC.

“We are hearing nothing. That is why I’ve since registered with the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP). I am now a PRP member looking for ways to help Nigeria.”

“That is why we believe now is the time to establish a platform where every good Nigerian should join and contribute towards building the nation on the right path,” Jega said.

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